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Yukon’s sport and recreation community will benefit from more than $1.4 million in funding this year, provided through partnerships between the Government of Yukon, the Yukon Lottery Commission and Sport Canada.

“I am pleased to announce this continued funding, which offers vital support to Yukon’s many sport and recreation organizations, athletes, coaches, and officials,” Minister of Community Services Currie Dixon said. “This supports sport and recreation programs for Yukoners of all ages and helps build healthier, more active communities.”

Through this contribution, 26 sport organizations across the territory will receive funding via the Yukon Sport 4 Life program, while 29 sport organizations and six recreational groups will receive funding from the Yukon Recreation Advisory Committee (YRAC). Additionally, the Elite Athlete Program will invest in seven Yukon athletes who have been identified by Sport Canada as having the greatest potential to achieve top results at Olympic/Paralympic Games and World Championships.

“With the generous support of YRAC, Yukon government’s Sport and Recreation branch, and other organizations, we are able to support local community leaders and develop programs and services that empower Yukon’s people and communities to adopt active, healthy lifestyles through recreation and parks,” Recreation and Parks Association of the Yukon executive director Anne Morgan said.

The funding will help sport organizations prepare for the 2015 Western Canada Summer Games and 2016 Arctic Winter Games. Additionally, it will help the Yukon Scout Council attend the World Scout Jamboree in Japan and support the Yukon Aboriginal Sport Circle’s community archery programs.

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