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The Vancouver Whitecaps were in the Harbour City on Wednesday as part of the fourth annual Hope and Health program.

More than 400 Aboriginal children were at Beban Park fields for a day of soccer fun, which saw Whitcaps players Steven Beitashour, Pa-Modou Kah, Tim Parker and former captain Jay DeMerit all come out to provide some tips and insight.

The program's goal is to build connection, wellness and resilience among Aboriginal youth through a soccer environment and sees the Whitecaps team up with the Hope and Health for Life Society, as well as Aboriginal delegated child and family agencies Kw'umut Lelum and Lalum'utul' Smun'eem.

Beban Park was split up into numerous small sided fields for teams to play, with various Whitecaps players and staff circulating around to meet everyone in attendance.

"It's grown from 10 First Nations communities to over 25, so that's really exciting," said Deana Gill-Georgica, Hope and Health for Life Society chairperson. "The purpose of Hope and Health is to raise awareness and inspire health and wellness for Aboriginal children and youth. Soccer is the platform, but it's really about profiling these kids' heroes and getting to know them on a personal level and build relationships. All those players have overcome adversity to achieve their dreams."

The program also has an emphasis on physical and mental health conditions.

"It's a great program they've got going on," said Iranian international right back Beitashour.

"They asked us to come out and it was an easy answer for us.

"Any time you can give back to the community and the kids, I think it means a lot to them. We were in their shoes at one time." Beitashour also said "times were changing" within the Whitecaps organization which now consistently looks for different avenues to reach out to various communities across B.C.

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