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Every good project needs funding to get off the ground. Find out about funding opportunities across Canada that you may be eligible for.

The Support4Sport Canada Games Sport Equipment Fund was made possible by a $1 million contribution from the Support4Sport program as well as a contribution of over $600,000 from the Halifax 2011 Canada Games Host Society.

The Sport Fund supports projects that are intended to increase sustainable quality participation sport programs. This may include new programming or the expansion of existing programs.

The Aboriginal Youth Sport Legacy Fund (AYSLF) supports programs which encourages BC's Aboriginal Youth to participate in physical activity and sport. Grants can be worth up to $5000.

On February 18, 2014, the Canadian Paralympic Committee launches the guidelines and application for the Para-Equipment Fund and the Recruitment Programs Fund.

Starting today, youth-serving organizations in Manitoba are invited to apply for one of ten MTS Future First community grants. Valued at $10,000 each, the grants will be awarded to organizations focused on bettering the lives of Manitoba's young people.

Do you have an idea that would make your community a better place to live, and would $25,000 be a game-changer?

The purpose of this fund is to provide seed money to support or initiate events, programs and services for children and youth in the City of North Vancouver.

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