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What is The Active Circle?Medicine Wheel

The Active Circle is an initiative of Motivate Canada and the Aboriginal Sport Circle which supports Aboriginal youth and communities to become vibrant, active and healthy through sport and recreation.

The Active Circle:

  • Works with program, funding and government partners to develop a single means of engagement with communities to alleviate the administrative burden on communities and leaders
  • Makes long-term commitments to communities to develop, deliver and sustain sport and recreation programs by providing funding, human resources and training
  • Develops and supports programs that are designed by the community to address their specific needs
  • Provides skill development and experience for Aboriginal youth and community leaders

Why was the Active Circle created?

The Active Circle was developed in response to challenges identified by Aboriginal youth and communities in regards to sport and recreation programming.

  • Communities are overwhelmed by the administrative burden to seek out, apply for, administer, report on and evaluate short term, small dollar program initiatives
  • Communities and youth want long term support to develop meaningful programs that go beyond running and kicking and address broader social issues within their communities and their peers
  • There is a lack of trained coaches, instructors and facilitators to support the programs
  • There are existing assets in communities which are not being fully utilized: facilities, youth leaders, programs
  • Clearly articulated and supported results are needed to secure more resources for community based programs
  • Leaders and youth are unaware of the many program ideas, funding opportunities and resources that are currently available to them

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Active Circle Advisory

  • Gloria Ranger
  • John Cawley, J.W. McConnell Family Foundation
  • Karin Lofstrom, CAAWS
  • Toni Williams
  • Wally Rabbitskin
  • Michael Auksi, GEN7 Messenger
  • Melodye (Mel) Whitesell, MASRC
  • Alex McComber
  • Wegadesk Gorup-Paul
  • Caitlin Tolley
  • Shaylea Sembsmoen

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