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The Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta), ISC(A), is a registered non-profit provincial multi-sport organization that represents all Indigeous youth and families in the Province of Alberta.

"Promoting healthy lifestyles in Aboriginal communities through Sport and Recreation"

ACTION SCHOOLS! BC is providing more opportunities for more children to make healthy choices more often. Action Schools! BC is a best practices model designed to assist schools in creating individualized action plans to promote healthy living.

This comprehensive manual will help you develop programs in First Nations and Inuit communities that encourage physical activity and healthy eating.

This is a planning guide for Girls’ Days which are aimed at providing a wide range of enjoyable opportunities for young women in the areas of physical activity, nutrition, mind and spirit, selfesteem, and creativity.

An activity book to teach healthy living in an effort to prevent Type 2 Diabetes

Published by the Ningwakwe Learning Press, this manual targets adults and youth interested in learning about Aboriginal games. Cost: $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

Published by the Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (SOADI), this kit targets teachers and parents with children aged 5-8 years. Cost: $45.00 for the complete kit (facilitator guide, coloring book, video)

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