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Browse or search through the Active Circle database to find resources about Aboriginal youth sports and recreation.

The Active Circle resource database contains information gathered from organizations across Canada who research and engage in Aboriginal sports, activities for youth and healthy living.

Doing what is best for your child is what Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is all about, and Canadian sport is working hard to develop LTAD plans for all sports.

Healthy lifestyle programs must be considered in a broader context that incorporates the social determinants of health, and population-based approaches to health improvement.

As part of OTF’s commitment to support youth opportunities, the Foundation has supported the emergence of the Youth Social Infrastructure initiative (YSI).

The Meeka wellness resources—a project that started in 2006—create better integration of the traditional knowledge of Elders, family and community into current health care practices by providing additional resources grounded in cultural traditions.

This manual uses the iceberg as a means to describe the healing process of Inuit people and how to deal with pain/hurt.

This manual is produced to help Inuit understand how they can brainstorm and improve their lives and become self-sufficient. Weak and problems areas in a culture are identified to study and improve on.

This manual has been produced to teach Inuit families about the traditional Inuit child rearing practices and how these methods can be used today within our families.

This manual, written by Meeka Arnakaq, is a healthy introduction to how to manage your life.

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