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The Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA) have approved a recommendation from the Saskatchewan in motion Strategic Development Council to establish a stand-alone organization responsible for the growth of physical activity initiatives in Saskatchewan, including Saskatchewan in motion.

We are pleased to announce that effective April 1, 2015, the operation of the in motion initiative has been transferred from SPRA to the newly incorporated organization, Active Saskatchewan. Active Saskatchewan will continue to focus on the sustainability, growth and stewardship of the in motion movement, however as a stand-alone organization, there is increased potential to expand its reach and operations.

Active Saskatchewan is currently governed by an interim Board of Directors composed of individuals that were members of the in motion Strategic Development Council. In accordance with provincial legislation, the Active Saskatchewan membership will elect a permanent Board of Directors at the organization’s first annual meeting, which will take place March 2016. Moving forward Active Saskatchewan will work to build its membership base and look for opportunities to expand the funding available to support the physical activity movement in this province.

SPRA will continue to play an active role in Active Saskatchewan to ensure recreation and physical activity are a part of the plan to make Saskatchewan communities safe and engaging places to live.

For additional information on Active Saskatchewan, please refer to the Question and Answer Sheet or contact Saskatchewan in motion at 306 780-9248, or 1-866-888-3648.

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