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Between now and March 29, State Farm is seeking applications for a chance to win $25,000 – one of 40 such grants that will be awarded to improve neighborhoods.

The insurance company’s “Neighborhood Assist” program is a “youth-led philanthropic program” that provides an opportunity to receive a grant to help solve a problem. The program is in its fourth year.

One of last year’s winners was Camp Journey, a weeklong outdoor camp in Idaho for kids with cancer. Campers come from Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho and Western Montana. The State Farm grant covered the cost of camp for all 130 campers last summer.

Here’s how it works, according to a news release: People submit causes through the free State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook app. The deadline is March 29. No more than 4,000 submissions will be taken. Then, the State Farm Youth Advisory Board will review the submissions and pick the top 200 based on a scoring rubric. Those causes will be announced April 28.

Then public voting begins. Anyone who has the free Facebook app can vote for their favorite causes, with up to 10 votes per day between May 13 and June 3. The top 40 causes then will each receive a $25,000 grant.

Since the program began, according to the release, State Farm has awarded more than $3 million to 120 communities across North America.

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