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The Winnipeg Foundation is committing $100,000 for projects that address key concerns of young Winnipeggers.

Last fall, the Foundation released Youth Vital Signs, a report card in which 1,800 young Winnipeggers ranked 15 key areas of life in our city and shared personal stories and called for change.

“We were impressed by the thoughtful comments we received in Youth Vital Signs and we want to make sure we follow through with action,” says Richard L. Frost, CEO of The Winnipeg Foundation. “Some of the things we heard, about widespread racism in our community, have been highlighted again in the recent Maclean’s article.”

In addition to concerns about racism, Youth Vital Signs found that young Winnipeggers struggle with housing, poverty, employment and mental health issues. They called for greater investment in these areas and now the Foundation is doing just that. A committee made up of 11 Winnipeg youth leaders will oversee the Youth Vital Signs Response Grants program.

Local charitable organizations are invited to apply to the special grants program. They may request up to $10,000 for projects that address any of the areas identified in Youth Vital Signs. Full details on the grants program are available here.

Grants will be decided in June.

The Winnipeg Foundation, Canada’s first community foundation, was established in 1921. Built by people from all walks of life, the Foundation pools and invests gifts entrusted to it in order to generate grants that benefit a variety of local charitable needs.

— Winnipeg Foundation

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