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The Youth Investment Fund is providing $57,000 in funding this winter to communities across Yukon, $21,000 of which will go towards sport and recreation initiatives.

“The Yukon government recognizes the role young people play in the future of our society,” Premier and Minister responsible for the Youth Directorate Darrell Pasloski said. “We are proud to support programs that help children and youth realize their full potential as healthy and fully engaged members of their communities.”

The Youth Investment Fund supports short-term community-driven initiatives throughout Yukon, addressing the needs and interests of youth under 19 years of age. Funded projects aim to promote self-esteem or create social or recreational opportunities.

“The Youth Investment Fund has greatly benefited our community,” Carcross recreation director Beverly James said. “The money we received has allowed us to provide evening rock wall climbing and judo instruction in the school gym for youth and families. These programs promote unity, self-confidence and comradeship. The programs would not have happened without this assistance.”

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