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Starting today, youth-serving organizations in Manitoba are invited to apply for one of 10 MTS Future First grants. Valued at $10,000 each, the grants will be awarded to organizations focused on improving the lives of Manitoba’s young people for the second year in a row.

“MTS learned about some incredible youth-serving organizations during the inaugural round of MTS Future First grants in 2014,” said Jay Forbes, CEO. “We know there are many more outstanding initiatives connecting youth to opportunity in the province, and we want to help support those projects.”

To qualify for an MTS Future First grant, applicants should clearly identify how their project or program will achieve at least one of the following results for Manitoba youth under the age of 24:

• Enhance knowledge, skills and/or leadership capabilities

• Develop/acquire skills to make healthy and positive life choices

• Increase capacity to cope with life’s challenge

“Through MTS Future First grants, our intent is to work with organizations all over Manitoba to remove barriers to success and help our young people achieve their full potential,” added Forbes. “As a new member of the team at MTS and new resident of Manitoba, I’m excited to learn about these organizations first hand.”

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